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We Preach Innovation

Dhamova is a company where innovation meets  software. We strive to create technological solutions related to all sort of needs an issues of the society. We do this with the development of great mobile and web apps, which allows us to solve the problem or necessity identified by the company or by a client.

Web Apps And Web Pages

*E-commerce platforms
*Business metrics control panels
*Landing pages
*Corporate web pages
*Mobile apps administrative pages
*Web apps created just for you 

Personalization at your finger tips

Every single web page we design is built with the latest technology. Web pages that do not require the browser to reload. Web pages that adapt in size to any screen. User experience and interaction flow design. 


Mobile Apps


IOS And Android

Every app we build is created thinking on the true value the final user will obtain. Usability and proper function are the basis when your idea is put to creation. We use robust app servers, the same used by enterprises such as Netflix, Airbnb, Facebook…

— Every App We Make Is Native

- IOS and Android apps designed just for you

- Updates regarding any kind of change in the operative systems

- E-comerce apps Apps for every startup or business idea

-Maps, sensors, fingerprint scanner…basically anything you can imagine.


アンドロイド copy.jpg

Virtual reality

  Taking apps to a whole new level

Taking apps to a whole new level


Inmersive Reality...

We want the customer to feel in a world completely new, we want to give him an irreplaceable experience and we want everything to be accesible with all sort of devices.

*IOS and Android Apps
*We allow to experience virtual reality with low cost via tools such as Google CardBoard and with a touch of elegance with tools such as Samsung Gear
*Inmersive Experience
*Virtual reality videos


Augmented Reality Apps


We Create Expansions Of Reality

We innovate in Colombia when it comes to augmented reality, it is the best way to mix imagination with reality, creating a unique interaction.

- IOS And Android Apps

- The Power Of Augmented Reality On EveryDay Devices

- Real Items Become Extraordinary Things Trough A Smartphone


Apps For Wearables

We are pioneers on wearable development in Colombia, taking your idea even closer to the costumer.

- Apple Watch and Android Wear complementary apps
- IOS and Android devices health sensors connectivity
- Smart watch apps for payments


Robust Architecture

Escalate your apps to massive levels

- Data Bases, servers and programing models perfectly alined
- We use cutting edge technologies that register down times of less than 3 hours per year
- We don`t only develop a product but we take into account your business, your needs and petitions. *Demand driven prices, no surprises


Graphic Design

Build Your Apps In A Beautiful Way

5.5 inch - Screen 03.png




We include in the development something key to an app or web page. A unique design which creates an experience without comparison for the end user.


 We use the latest trends in interface development, giving as a result an attractive and memorable software.





With Dhamova you get the whole package


When it comes to software, there may arise many questions and inconveniente. With Dhamova you get support 24/7. Fast and agile solutions. We keep by your side.

      Technologies We Use

  Amazon Web Services    

Amazon Web Services


  Google Firebase    

Google Firebase















Dhamova Tv

The Future Of Streaming

Dhamova Tv includes every little thing you get from different sources of media into one place. Discover movies, tv shows, videos, game streaming, virtual reality streaming and virtual reality content from all sources.Also, we make it all better with a beautiful and easy to use web app and mobile app.


We make your virtual reality content a reality

Shoot us a message in the contact section and we will do every single part of the process for you. From the set up and recording, to the streaming via our platform.

DhamovaTv Vr.jpeg

Feature your content with us

Just make sure to write us and we will include any legal content sent to us, into the right category, under your name.


Dhamova Food

Meet the new way to discover restaurants and food in your city.


Search for restaurants near you 

Discover with just a tap the restaurants close to you. Evaluate the price, type of food, the distance to get there and even the quality of the restaurant.


Discover all sorts of food

With Dhamova food you can search for the meal you want and you will discover where to get it, with the best price and quality.


Find  out what your friends have eaten

With Dhamova food you can find out what your friends are getting to eat, if they recommend it and you can compare your taste to theirs. We make getting food entertaining.